5 Tips for Surviving Holiday Parties

By now you have probably attended at least one holiday party. I know they can be a challenge, so I want to share a five simple tips to stay on track with your goals during the holiday.

  1. Eat before you go -- Don't show up on an empty stomach. It will leave you be tempted to taste everything in sight. Eat a light, meal before you go. Something like a salad, yogurt with granola, and/or a loaded baked sweet potato. I am a pescatarian (plant based and some seafood), so I basically have to eat a full meal before I go to ANY event. Otherwise, I might starve, because it's always a gamble with the food menu.
  2. Drink plenty of water -- Staying hydrated helps manage your appetite. It also helps balance the excess sodium found in processed foods and party snacks. Oh, and if you plan to drink alcohol you definitely want to make sure you keep up with your water intake. I mean, that's if you don't want to go viral on the internet. #OfficePartyGoneWild
    Use portion control -- Don't overload your plate. Just because it is there, does not mean you have to eat it. Fill up on veggies first and you'll help slow down your intake of heavier foods.
  3. Dessert with Caution -- This is usually the most common dish for people to bring. So of course here is a plethora of sweets to choose from. You want to try them all, right? Resist the urge and opt for small servings...or ideally pick only one dessert. Ask a friend to split a slice of cake with you. I am sure they will appreciate the accountability.
  4. Bring a healthy dish -- Be that person that saves the day for those trying to stay healthy for the holidays. I guarantee that there is one person at the party wishing there were a healthy food option for them to eat other than a salad. That person is always me; living a fairy tale dream of a enjoying smorgasbord of healthy dishes. Be a hero and bring a dish like an fruit salad, kale chips, or baked quinoa with spinach and roasted root vegetables -- or simply wow them with a side dish not made from smoked or cured meat (it amazes me what you can add bacon to). if all else fails, opt to bring the tried and true garden salad, but with leafy green romaine lettuce not iceberg, which does not have as much nutritional value.

I hope these tips help you on your quest to stay healthy during the holidays. Honestly, I think you knew all of this, but may have just needed a friendly reminder. On the bright side, the only time you won't have to think about any of this at my next event, Muscles x Mimosas New Year's Day Workout, which includes a healthy and delicious brunch buffet. Do you have your ticket?

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