5 Healthy Tips for Memorial Day

It is almost time for some grillin' and chillin'! What’s on your Memorial Day menu? Putting any thing special on the grill? I could step on a soap box and give a speech about how you shouldn’t eat this or that. I think it would be more beneficial to provide a few tips to get through all the grillin' & chillin' that will ensue this coming weekend.

  1. Don’t arrive on an empty stomach. Have a healthy snack before heading to BBQs where there will be a ton of food. That way, you’re less likely to overeat at the party, and you’re more likely to make smart decisions about what you put on your plate.
  2. BYOF – F is for food. This seems like an obvious option for a potluck style event.  However, there is also the option of bringing your own meat (or veggies) to throw on the grill. This is also a great alternative option if you have dietary restrictions, but don’t want to deal with constantly answering the same question of, “you’re not going to eat?”
  3. Work in some physical activity. Chances are you’re going to be hanging out in the backyard at some point this weekend. You don’t have to sit at the table eating and talking.  Play around with the kids, toss a football around, or get up and dance.  Everybody loves a good hustle line dance, right?
  4. Quench your thirst responsibly. Between being outside and all the activities you’ll be participating in, it’s easy to become dehydrated. Especially if you’re indulging in those summertime mixed drinks, too—alcohol dehydrates you even faster. So make sure to have a bottle of water on hand and add an extra slice of watermelon to stay hydrated.
  5. Mind your plate. It is totally ok to indulge, but do so in moderation.  You don’t have to fill up your plate or go back for seconds. If you’re worried about offending the host, just be honest.  “Everything is delicious, but I just want to dine responsibly.”

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